We all dream of having a stress-free and smooth move when we buy a new home. However, we all know that it probably will never happen! Moving can be a hassle, especially when you have a lot of different elements in motion; organizing movers, getting your friends to help you pack/unpack, ensuring your old house is clean before the new occupants move in, and the emotions and exhaustion of moving can really get to us. Sometimes you can’t control outside factors, but there are a few things that you can control to help your move become a little more easy to handle. Before you start to move all your stuff into your new home, you should head over to it (if it’s within driving distance) to see if a few key things are in working order.


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The following blog will outline what you need to check in your new home before you make the big move!

Make Sure Everything is Sealed

Go through your new, empty home and look for any cracks or openings. The usual areas where you will find holes is in the bathroom and around windows. When you are in each bathroom, check around the tub and toilet to see how the caulking is holding up. If you notice it is broken, simply take off the old caulking and add a new layer to ensure you won’t have any leaking problems on the first day you move in. The same thing will apply to your windows; if you notice any air or water leaking through the base of your windows, try to find the problem and reseal it with caulking.

Paint the Walls

If you don’t like the colour of your new walls, then the best time to repaint them is when you don’t have anything in your home because you won’t accidentally stain anything. Just make sure that you cover the floors with a tarp before you start painting!

Clean the Floors

There is nothing better than moving into a new, clean home, and there is nothing worse than realizing the previous owners left the home with dirty floors. Give yourself the peace of mind by going to your new home to do a deep clean of your new floors. If there is carpet, rent a heavy-duty vacuum from your local hardware store to get deep into the fibres to eliminate any dirt or bugs that may be hiding. If you have hardwood floors, use a dry-mop or a vacuum with a soft bristle attachment to avoid scratching up the floor.

Change the Locks

Before you move into your new home, it is important to change the locks because you don’t know who else has keys to the old locks. When you are changing the locks on your front door, check to see if there are any other locking systems that the old owners used, like on their back door, cellar, basement door, etc. Give yourself the peace of mind that nobody else can enter your new home before you move all of your possessions over!


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