A house under renovations brings about visuals of broken walls and dust everywhere. It’s both a hard task to stay inside your messy home or relocate temporarily. The magnitude of repairs is the primary determinant of the type of sacrifice you should be making. A big-scale renovation which includes essential parts of the house, such as kitchen and majority of the bathrooms, require moving out because there will be a lack of access to plumbing and food needs.

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Common Types of Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Renovations that are only limited to the kitchen area can be co-existed with if there is a secondary kitchen. Reduced access to the stove, dishwasher, sink, and fridge will be a problem if another area of the house cannot be a temporary designated kitchen area.

Floor Renovations

Renovations consisting of floor replacements and refinishing requires all the furniture and objects to get relocated from the floor. The task is tedious and takes time.

Wall Removals

Walls that get knocked down will fill up the entire house with debris. Rooms that aren’t getting renovated can be sealed off with plastic sheets and fixated on the top of the doorway with the help of duct tape.

Benefits of Moving out

Temporary relocation during renovations can result in faster progress since the crew does not have to worry about maintaining cleanliness. They may prioritize the tasks at hand without being concerned about the comfort and safety of family members. Moving away may also be the safer option if the family consists of children and pets. The dust, loud noises, and chaos may be extremely unpleasant for younger kids.

Yes, rent of an Airbnb or rental apartment must be factored in. However, some renovations crews charge a more significant service fee if the clients stay at home because they factor in daily cleanups, frequent conversations with homeowners and rush on specific jobs to avoid prolonged outages of electricity and plumbing.

Things to Remember while Preparing for Renovations

Packing up is essential regardless of your decision to stay inside the house or relocate during the renovations. Getting rid of unneeded items and decluttering can ensure speedy repairs without any hindrances cause objects. Aside, from smaller things, furniture is also required to be moved, especially during large-scale makeovers. You may transfer the furniture to different floors or garage. Alternatively, you may rent a portable storage container to get placed in your front driveway.

Friends and family may be able to spare a bedroom while your renovations last. However, Booking a small apartment or home through affordable rental sites such as Airbnb may give you the space and convenience of home.

Make Use of the Services of Haul It Away

Junk Removal and Relocation of personal items are tedious tasks. Renovations can result in an assessment of all things you own and clean out the ones you don’t need anymore. Let Haul It Away help you declutter of the move during your renovations.

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