One issue that most people do not consider is that after a home has been sold real estate agents will need to deal with junk removal. The wide variety of different items that can be collected in a home can sometimes pile up. This is not true in all cases, but in many cases, after the sale of a home there is a need for trash pick-up or decluttering. This is one of the reasons why junk removal companies are seeing increased use by real estate professionals.


Research has shown that an average homeowner will sell their property after approximately six years of residence. During this time, they will accumulate large quantities of items that will be stored in garages, basements or on the side of the house. Evidence shows that property owners will often leave items behind when relocating regardless of whether they have forgotten to take the goods or intentionally left them. Irrespective of the reason for the items being left behind, the belongings can now be seen as ‘junk’ by the real estate agent and the junk needs to be removed for new owners.

The task of junk removal can take various forms ranging from a full property cleanout to removal of one piece of furniture. During instances when the property is foreclosed, it is often left in a cluttered or damaged state and filled with junk. In this situation, professional junk removal companies can be highly beneficial as they can remove the unwanted items and help restore the property to a sellable condition.

Just as properties for sale require trash removal companies, real estate agents working with rental companies also require this service. In fact, research has found that renters will move more often than the average homeowner and vacant properties do not generate income for the landlord. To reduce the vacancy period, it is crucial that the property appears clean and clear of junk. This can be challenging when a renter has been forced to leave or has abandoned the property leaving behind many belongings.

In these situations, the real estate agent can benefit from a professional junk removal company. It is important that the removal company is reliable and experienced because timing is essential in the rental procedure. Dependability and timeliness are vital characteristics to search for when finding the junk removal company suited to real estate needs.

As can be seen, using a junk removal company is advantageous for real estate professionals. Using this information, you can determine if using a trash removal service is suited to your particular circumstances. If you find yourself surrounded by junk and need it gone, save yourself the time and energy and contact a professional junk removal team.

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