Clutter is a gateway towards hoarding. When you have clutter in your home, you sometimes get blinded by it and you eventually have more things in your house than actual space! To avoid becoming a hoarder, there are a few things you need to throw away now that you may be overlooking. Keeping a clean home creates a clean and organized mind, relieve your stress by following our advice.

Useless Home Items

TV Shows or Movie Recordings

Throwing away your possessions can be hard, especially if you have an “emotional” attachment to them. To get into the tossing mood, clear out your DVR/PVR of all the shows and movies you say you are going to watch but never will. Having a clear mind and getting into the right mindset about what should and shouldn’t be thrown out is the first step in clearing your clutter.


Be honest, how many draws and filing cabinets do you have that are housing useless pieces of paper you haven’t even seen in the last decade. Go through each piece of paper and decide if you still need them. Receipts that you need for the tax man? You should probably hang onto those! An owner’s manual for a washing machine you threw out in 1999? Probably not very useful to you anymore. Toss out the paper you don’t use anymore and you’ll be surprised at how much space it frees up, you may even be able to throw out unused file cabinets when you are done.

Old, Unused Furniture

Furniture is big, heavy, and takes up a lot of floor space. Furniture should only be in your home if you use it every day, or at the very least when company comes over. That sofa in the basement that you haven’t used since replacing it is just wasting space! You know nobody will ever use it again because it was torn up by the dog, yet you still walk past it every so often and don’t do anything about it. It’s time to change! If you are unable to move that sofa yourself, the trusted team at Haul It Away will help you at an affordable cost.

Clear out Your Junk Drawer

There is a good reason why they are called junk drawers. It’s because they are drawers filled with junk! Go through it and find all that useless treasures you have tossed into it over the years. Dead batteries, inkless pens, scotch tape that won’t stick, or that flip phone you retired in 2005, they are all junk. Throw that away and use your drawers for things you actually use!


Is your closet so full that you are afraid to open it in case a clothes avalanche occurs? It might be time to clean it out. Donating old clothing is the best way to get rid of clothes you never wear. You clear your space and you are doing a good deed for your community, it’s a win-win!

If you have any heavy items you want to get rid of and are unable to do it yourself, call us at Haul It Away 1-855-349-JUNK to get a free quote!


All credit goes to Haul it Away