While it may be called spring cleaning, many of us end up leaving it until summer. When cleaning out your home, whether you are moving or it is at capacity with clutter, there are a few different things you can do to get things out. Say goodbye to your old junk! Here are our top six ways to get rid of your old junk (without just throwing them in the trash!).
Garage Sale
Make up some signs, post them in your neighbourhood, and maybe get your neighbours involved and have a whole street sale. Garage sales are a fun way to get rid of your old things fast. It is a great first step in getting rid of old junk as well, helping you organize everything that you want to get rid of and setting it all out to see what can be salvaged and what cannot. After the garage sale, if you leave remaining junk at your curb, then chances are someone will come and pick it up.
Many organizations take donations of old clothes, household items, furniture, beds, and even vehicles. Some will also come out to your home and pick up your unwanted junk for you. What you donate goes to those who need it most and depending on what you give and the organization, you may be able to receive a tax benefit.
Store It
Some people have a hard time getting rid of clutter, or think that they will need it or use it down the line. An option, in this case, is to store your junk at a storage facility. While you can do this for a relatively low price, it is so much better to let go of clutter permanently and not just put it in storage. If you do put your junk into storage, if you have not used any of it for a year it is probably time to let go.
Repurposing items around your home can be a fun way to give things a second life, and we are not talking about cinder blocks for bookshelves. Vintage suitcases can become a dapper  nightstand. Old plates can be mounted to the wall as art. Those 20 odd teacups and saucers can become tiny planters.
Online Marketplaces
There are tons of online marketplaces where you can sell items, and even trade them for things that you actually need. Ebay, Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook groups are a great place to start to start. You can make some quick cash for your junk or get something you actually want and need.
Junk Removal Services
If you have junk that you cannot sell or just need it gone, then a junk removal service is the way to go. If you need junk removal in Ajax, then call us at Haul It Away. We will come to you and take away all your junk for you so that you can enjoy your decluttered home. We also support local charities by donating articles of clothing and household items to the charity of your choice!
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